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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mom and Daughter Day.

Yesterday I spent the most wonderful day with Heather. We have both been so busy lately that we haven't had that special mom and daughter time, so yesterday we spent the whole day together. We went and did some shopping...woohoo!! It was like when she was a little girl, she would go try on clothes and I would sit outside and she would come show me what she was trying on...it was fun to do that again!!! She was a little disappointed though that she actually shopped in the women's section instead of the youth section...LOL. Poor girl she was facing her getting older body...I just thought it was amusing that she was thinking that the jeans wouldn't be stylish in the womens section. She said "mom, these pants fit higher on my waist I don't know if I like that" I told her "there is an advantage to a little higher jean..it hides a little bit of stomach and you don't look like you have a muffin top"...LOL After about trying on 8 pairs of jeans, she decided I was right....oh I relish when my children say "you were right mom"...LOL. I need to mark that on my calendar because it might be a long while before I hear that one again.

After the jeans, we went to my favorite store Barnes and Noble....I love me some books....I actually walked out of there with nothing but a gift card for a friend's birthday. I was so proud of myself!! Of course that did not stop me from touching almost every book in the store and reading the back covers.

We had lunch at Freebirds....I love there tacos, I don't get the burritos I get there three taco meal deal. MMMMMMMM....it was sooooo good.

Then we went to see Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston....it was okay...I just expected more. Still it was great to just sit next to my daughter and hear her contagious giggle that I just love to hear!! It is one of my favorite sounds in all the world Heathers giggle....it comes from her toes up. I love it!!!

Pretty soon she will be off to Texas Tech in the summer and that giggle will not be heard here...I am so sad about that...but I know that those mom and daughter days will be even more precious when we get to have them while she is away. My tires will be paving grooves in the pavement as I go back and forth to Lubbock to visit here. I am so proud of the woman she is becoming!!!

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