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Monday, March 22, 2010

Get Real Monday

I have vacation let down today. You know the feeling when you have been on vacation had a great time, relaxing, visiting with family, playing games, eating whatever you want, staying up late to talk, sitting at softball and baseball games, eating your sister's good food, watching your daughter have a conversation with her cousin over her phone while she is sitting right next to her....those kind of vacations. Then you come home and back to reality you find yourself. Back to paying the bills, doing laundry, clipping the dogs nails, catching up on 278 emails, cleaning the kitchen that sat for 7 days, realizing you just gained 3 pounds that you lost in the last challenge, getting the card in the mail from your gyno that it is time for that yearly exam. Yes, it is back to reality. When all you really want to do is hibernate for the next two days. Do you ever feel you would just like to escape reality or shut out the whole world for just a while longer? That is how I feel today. I know that is so selfish, but it is just true today. I know I should be back to the gym, but really don't feel like going.

Why do we have these feelings right after a vacation? When I should be rested and renewed to take on the world again until the next vacation. I sometimes don't even understand myself. Is it because I have become lazy over the last week? Is it because facing reality is just too much effort? Is it because I feel overwhelmed with the prospect of cleaning this messy house? Why? I hope one day when I am in heaven I might understand this and much more.

Do you ever have vacation let down? What do you do to cope?

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