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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Corpus Trip

Over Spring Break we went to see my sister Buffy and her family. I love going there!! My sister and I are pretty close and it is so much fun when we get together. We had a ton of fun playing games, I love to play games!!! We went to beach one day, but it was so cold we stayed under towels...I know we are crazy. I wanted to share some of the photos of the trip.

Here is my sister blowing me a kiss!! I love her!!

Here is JJ my nephew....I think he is close enough to the tv...LOL

My niece Makayla...isn't she so cute!!! She just made the cheerleading squad. I am so proud of her.

JJ fell asleep with Mel's headphones on and I couldn't help but take a picture of him.

Mel and Sammi-I think this is the closest Melissa will ever get to being a cheerleader...LOL.

I love this picture of Mel and Sammi-they love each other so much.

This is such a great picture of Brian and his girls!!

Me and Heather...my daughter is so beautiful to me.

My girls....they are such a blessing to me!!

Me and Mel-I love her so very much!!!

Me and my sweetie!!

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