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Sunday, July 24, 2011

90 Bible Challenge-Updates

Hello Readers!!!
I began a challenge on July 11th to read the bible in 90 days, through www.momstoolbox.com and I can't tell you how much this has blessed me. There are over 1,000 participants in the challenge...can you believe that? It amazes me. I have read the first 4 books of the bible in the two weeks since the start of the challenge. It definitley brought me back to the BSF year of "The Life of Moses." I am so grateful we don't have to sacrifice any animals for our sin and God provided the perfect spotless lamb His Son The Lord Jesus Christ to take away our sin instead. It also reminded me that grumbling upsets the Lord, wow those people could grumble and so can I on occasion. Can you imagine being led by the Lord in such a way as a cloud covering you during the day and a pillar of fire by night? Having enough manna each day to get your fill? Having seen Moses raise a staff and strike a stone for fresh water? Just to know God is with you 24-7 in such a tangible way and still grumble. Boy, I have felt in my life that I have wandered in the desert, but I also know that God has held my hand each step of the way. Iam so glad I decided to take this challenge and look forward to drinking in God's word each day.
In this challenge we have been separated into groups so we can check in and post our thoughts, comments and our status on our reading. We have been assigned a mentor that helps us remain accoutable that helps us immensely to stay on track. If you want to check out the challenge go to www.momstoolbox.com and click on the button Bible in 90 Days. You can also follow us on twitte through the hashtag #b90days.
Other status updates:
Brian is back on the road, he is now in Lancaster Pennsylvania until late Oct or early Nov. This has been difficult having him gone this year, but we are grateful that he has a job during a time of layoffs at his company. Praising God for that!!!
I have seen my Rheumatologist and a new primary care physician. We have changed some of my meds and added some new ones to try to get these migraines back under control. I am being scheduled for a MRI of the brain to make sure I have a brain and to make sure there is nothing else there. I fell down the stairs about a month ago and pinched a nerve in my back, I thought it was doing good, but then we went camping and laying on an air mattress didn't do it a bit of good. I reaggravated it...yuck. I have a very hard time sitting for any length of time and walking any long distance kills me. The doctor told me that if the adjustment in meds does not work that we may have to do some cortisone injections in low back and neck...pray that doesn't have to happen. I am having a major flare up of my fibromyalgia so my pain level is off the charts. I don't think people understand how being in chronic pain effects people emotionally. It is a cycle, I get stressed the I get in more pain, then I get depressed because I can't do the things I want or need to do, then I get stressed....and the cycle continues. I am just taking a day at a time and praying that God will heal me in a mighty way.
I am looking forward to getting back to church, I have been out so much since my health has been bad, but hopefully next week I will be able to sit in a chair. I miss being with my church family.
I leave you with some pictures of our camping trip to the Guadalupe River.
Melissa looks like she is having a blast huh?
Awe...the life of tent camping....3 beds in one tent. All the kids sleeping....this was the best part for me and my sister...LOL
Wow, what kind of face is that? But it is so Melissa!!!
Cousins-Mikki and Melissa holding on to my raft hoping to spill me over....I threatened their lives so I stayed afloat.
As you can tell I got a little sunburned....but I am good now.
Me and my sister Buffy and Melissa acting like she does.
Me, Heather and Melissa...we don't get together to have pictures very often anymore...so we decided to take one even though we all look camping weary...lol

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