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Sunday, July 24, 2011

3in30 Challenge

I ran across a wonderful blog the other day during our caffienated conversations on the blog Home Sanctuary and it is called 3in 30. It is all about setting 3 goals to complete in 30 days. I thought this is perfect for me since I need some new habits in my life.

So here are my goals for July.

1-I will get up by 8am each day.
2-I will declutter one area of my house for 15 mins each day.
3-I will do a load of laundry every other day.

I know these don't seem very big for most people, but for someone who abhors house work or mornings this will be a challenge for me.

To check out the 3in30 blog go to http://3in30.ashleypichea.com/

So, lets see what tomorrow brings.

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