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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 3

Started week 3 and boy I can feel a difference in my body, my energy and mind. I didn't lose weight last weigh in, but I did lose inches so I was still very pleased. I haven't had soda in about 2.5 weeks and I feel awesome....I actually felt ill the last time I drank a soda so that is my body telling me it is changing. I get every bit of my 72 oz of water in everyday..plus some. I love water so this really isnt an issue for me praise God!! Also, I haven't been craving sugar near what I did on the first challenge so I am so excited about that.

My work outs have been phenomanal with my work out buddy Rhonda!! We have taken a ton of different classes to see what we really like and what works out those trouble spots the best. I have to say last night we tried a hip hop class and boy it was hilarious but a ton of fun!!! Of course it will take me awhile to get my beat down...LOL. It was an awesome work out and I am pretty sore today so I used some muscles I didn't know needed some work. Melissa I am sure would get the biggest laugh watching her mom try and hip hop, since she is such a professional. I love the Body by Ballet class as well...even though I have no balance at all. I am hoping that will change in time. I never knew it would be so hard to hold poses and stay on tippy toes would be so tiring. I really love that it will improve my posture too, which so needs it. The water aerobics class is great, the instructor is encouraging and funny...this water aerobics class is not for the faint of heart...she works you out hard. I almost died at the Strike class, it is weighted kickboxing...a little too much for me at this point of just getting back to exercise, but I am hopeful that one day soon I will again get back in there and kick some major bootie...like Sidney Bristow from Alias...one of my favorite shows of the past.

I can actually feel my body changing in tone and in how my pants fit so that encourages me to keep up the work outs, healthy eating, and taking care of me.

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