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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well...I just spent the last couple of hours sitting and talking with my oldest daughter. Man that girl can talk your head off....sounds a lot like her mom huh? It is was just so good to be still enough just to listen to her go on about her new boyfriend, his cat that she loves...she has never been a cat person...her new job at the pregnancy center and her new car. Things seem to be going really well in her life right now. I am blessed.

We also talked about my transformation over the years as a mother and a person....it was the first time I really opened up to her about some things and she was really shocked how much I have sheltered her from. She has always wondered why I serve others so much and tonight she got a small glimpse into why and how that all came to be and I think she actually now understands my spirit of service a little better. So, it was a great night of bonding.

Melissa just sat and soaked it all in...she didn't say much....but I know she was listening as well....which says a lot for a 15 year old to spend that much time just listening and not texting on her phone. I think maybe she didn't see me as the crazy mom who wants to make her life miserable tonight....LOL.

It was a good night!!!

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