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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tree Time

Melissa and I took the day to go to Dennison to the tree farm and cut our own tree down today. We haven't done this since we lived in Seattle many...many moons ago. We had a blast walking around trying to find the perfect tree. Of course every time we found one we would say "now remember where this tree is" and off we would go in search of the next perfect tree. Yes, we forgot our string to tie on the trees to so we could find them again to compare....it has been too long since we did this. We thought it would be fun since Brian wasn't home to take a picture of Melissa cutting this huge tree and try to trick him by putting it on facebook and telling him that was our tree....but he didn't fall for it...darn it anyway. I guess you can't trick a trickster huh?

So, the guys were tying it on the roof and I said make sure it is tight we are driving back to Grand Prairie (which is an hour and half away) he was shocked we would come that far for a tree. But the drive was a great time to spend some time with Melissa and I had her attention for the most part and she couldn't run away...heee...heee....but after awhile she ended up putting her ipod in her ears...:-( On our way home we stopped at this very old cemetary to take pictures and see who was laid to rest there. The oldest headstone was from 1857....it was almost buried where you couldn't see it. It made me stop and think what that person might of died of....what must their life had been like before cars, computer, and ipods. I am sure they wouldn't have taken a 1.5 hour trek to spend time with their daughter because they didn't have all the distractions we have today. It was a reminder to me to spend time with the ones I love more than just the time at picking out a Christmas tree. Thank you God for a lesson learned in a graveyard.

Here are the pictures of the tree's.

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