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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today our church has a homeless ministry and we went to Fort Worth to feed and cloth the homeless. What an incredible time I had. I have such a heart for the homeless, underdog, and down trodden. I love just trying to put a smile on their face just for a few minutes. I met a man named Barney that has been on the street 4 years now and I just sat and chatted with him and it was awesome!!! To see him eat some warm food for a change was a blessing to me. I hope he saw Jesus in me today.

After we packed up the president of the ministry told us the new name for the ministry it is JFINS, which stands for "Jesus Freaks In The Streets" can you believe that!!! It was like God was talking to me when he said that. I have always called myself a Jesus Freak, because it is not negative to me, but positive....I love Jesus and I am His freak. So, that was so cool to me. I am definately going to be involved with this ministry.

Now, I am home and so grateful for the warmth that I have and the comfy bed I get to sleep in....may I never forget how blessed I am by God.


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