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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life Happenings.

The last couple of weeks have been so incredibly busy and blessed. My beautiful daughter Heather graduated Cum Laude from UNT with a bachelors in Science/Psychology and a minor in women studies. Her college thesis is being published by American Psychology Association and she gets to fly to Chicago to present it in March. Of course, this very proud mama is going with her to cheer her on. Could I get any more blessed than that? Why, yes! Brian was blessed with a good raise in a year where a lot of people are getting laid off. Priase God for his provision!!! Chris is going back to school in January..another prayer answered....I don't know why he wants to look in peoples mouths all day as a hygentis, but I guess someone has to do that job. GROSS. Melissa finished up another sselect softball season playing first base and right field some of those games were so cold I thought we would die. But that is what moms do for their kids. Maybe I might win that Mother of the Year award after all...LOL.

We went Saturday with Phil and Cathy to Prestonwood Baptist Gloria Concert and it was absolutely amazing. They had drummers come out of the sky, dancers, John Tesch and some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. 500 person choir just lets me get a brief glimpse of what heaven will be like. AMAZING. Today, I am baking my little heart out. I am making an angel birthday cake for someone special and a Christmas cake to take to our Celebrate Recovery step study Christmas party. Hopefully, my neck will hold out today. I went to dr yesterday and got on more steriods and pain killers, I have aggrevated some herniated disks in my neck....OUCH!

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