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Sunday, November 30, 2008

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, complete with all the fixings, family, friends and Brian being sick as a dog. Poor guy was too sick to really enjoy the food I felt so bad for him for it tasted awesome. We had stome friends come over to play games and we now know that I can kick rear in the game Fact or Crap...LOL

My friend Wendy and I braved the Black Friday sales we got up at O'dark thirty and first stop was Walmart. I have never seen such chaos in my life as the aisles were packed no carts getting through...so I planted Wendy in the electronics isle and I took of on foot on my conquest for the best deals. I ran back and forth to get items and brought them back to the cart and with direction from my commrade I ran out again for the next quest. I kind of felt like I was in World of Warcraft game...LOL. We conquered Walmart in under a mere 2.5 hours...not bad huh? Yeah right. We shopped for a complete 12 hours and came home and died from exhaustion. But we got some good deals and we had a great time together so that is what really matters. And I am almost finished with my shopping I have stocking stuffers and just a few items left...it beats the Christmas Eve rush I am used too.

Today, I had the honor of teaching on stage in Pre-teens at church. I have to admit I wasn't nervous until I got on the stage and the spotlight was on me. But after the first 15 mins I settled into it and I think the kids had a good time and learned about how to plug into Gods power through the Holy Spirit. I had a great time teaching them Romans 3:23 in sign language and I know they had a fun learning it. I am excited to be used by God to teach these kids about the love of God and how to spread that love to others.

Unfortantely, I now have the same virus Brian had on Thanksgiving..darn it, but at least it waited until after I had good food and my first time teaching. Praise God for that good fortune.
Until next time....blessings.

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