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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quilting Stitches Help!!

I wanted to post some pictures of my quilting stitches on the back of my quilt in hopes that Leah Day can give me some tips on what I am doing wrong. I don't know if my hands are going to fast, my feet or if the tension is off. Please help Leah!!! This is the whole reason I haven't started free motion on my sister in-laws quilt that was supposed to be a birthday gift for last July. I am so afraid to ruin it with these stitches.
By the way if you haven't visited her blog she is a great teacher of free motion quilting. http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/
Leah-Any idea on what is going on with me?


Leah Day said...

Hmm...couple different questions come to mind - what thread are you using? Have you changed your needle recently?

When you saw the back did you totally re-thread your machine? Have you tried switching back to piecing, and if you do, does the tension issue continue?

I'm just trying to break down all the different things that could be causing this. I'll definitely post more help tomorrow on Question Thursday!



Texastam said...

Thanks Leah for your help.

I am using a Sulky 100% viscouse thread.

No, I haven't changed my needle recently.

I have rethreaded just because I had to wind more bobbins.

I will try to go back to piecing and see if I still get those on the back.

This is my very first quilt so I am a beginner at FMQ. I have been practicing though on sandwiches.

Pat said...

Hi Tammy. I have this problem sometimes. Two things that have helped me is taking out the bobbin and re-threading it in the machine. Second, sometimes I have to turn my tension to zero. I alway start on a practice sandwich to get all of these issues under control before starting on a quilt. I hope this helps. Good luck.