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Monday, January 2, 2012

3in30 January Goals

Well, here is another start to a new year and my mind is full of the possibilities to this year. One of the site I love is called 3in30 challenge http://3in30.ashleypichea.com/ it shows you how to make your goals more attainable. Check it out!!

One of the questions on the forums was "if you could chose one word to focus on in 2012 what would it be?" I chose PRODUCTIVE. I need to be more productive, I feel as though I have become so unproductive over the last year. I need to be productive in my health, my housework, my relationships, my hobbies and my spiritual walk with the Lord. Will this be easy...no....but I also know that anything of worth to us you have to work for, so productive is my word.

In the spirit of being productive here are my goals for the month of January:

  1. Set a timer for 20 minutes 3 times a day to clean the house. That may not be a ton of time for most people but this will be a stretch for me. If you know how badly I hate housework. But I chose to be productive.
  2. Take the 31 days to pray for your spouse challenge at http://3in30.ashleypichea.com/31-days-to-pray-for-your-spouse/
  3. Go to bed by 10 pm each night....I am a night owl, but if I do this it will help me get the sleep I need for my health.

These should help me in 3 areas of my life that I need to be productive in. So here I go for 2012.

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Tanya said...

Thank you for your post. I to want to have words to focus on for 2012, and I think after reading your post, I will choose productive as one of them. So many different areas of my life (as you mentioned) could use some extra focus on being productive. :) Thanks again!