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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know all my readers are going to be shocked or laugh their rears off about what I am going to share. Brian and I love to play World of Warcraft....now it probably isn't the best use of our time, but it is something we do together. It is like date night for us...I know they may sound sad to you, but to us this is a way we bond.

So, a couple of months ago we shared this passion with some friends of ours Kim and Brian now they are hooked as much as we are. The funny thing is our kids get such a kick that we have our friends come over for WOW parties. We have dinner together and and eat snacks as we play. Heather and Melissa are so sweet as to let us borrow their computers so we can all play together in the same room....you should hear some of the conversations that go on in this game room. We all have different characters and go do battle together. We have so much fun!!! There is no shortage of sword fighting, yelling "Kim heal me", "I need some help over here", "Brian Fultz stop just running in without us getting some mana", "Tammy, do you always have to fall in holes or get lost", and of course my Brian yelling "hey, dont mind me over here getting my reared kicked while you are all off doing who knows what".

In other words, we are computer geeks to the max. Heather and Melissa came home the other day and found us in our office all playing together so they snapped a picture so I thought I would share it with you all. Get a good laugh.

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