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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Put The CELL Down!!

Chris and I are at MiMi's having lunch and as soon as we sit down I notice a couple of ladies in the booth across from us.  They look to be about my age, no I am not telling you my age....you can guess.  Anyhow, we order our drinks and we are talking back and forth and I look over and the one lady is leaning in talking quite intently to her other friend and the other friend is on her cell phone.  At first I was thinking "oh, isn't that how our world is now these days."  Chris and I talking amongst ourselves again I look over, which I should know just to mind my own business, but if you are a people watcher like me this is what we do.  I take everything in.  I look over and the women is still pouring her heart out and that other women is still on her cell phone, so now this really has me intrigued and frustrated.  I tell Chris look at that women over there, she probably invited her friend to come to lunch with her because she had something really important to talk to her about and her friend is more engrossed in her cell phone than her friend that is sitting right in front of her!!!!  Chris and I watch this go on for another 20 mins, the women with the phone never set her phone down; looked up at her friend or even bothered nodding her head the whole time her friend was talking, when the food came she layed her phone down and proceeded to talk.  Chris had to almost physically hold me in the seat!!!!

What is wrong with people?  What is wrong with a society that thinks this is ok?  Can you imagine how that women felt when she went home that night?  Like her feelings, words, thoughts did not matter to a friend she went to lunch with.  Why go to lunch with someone like that?  There is nothing worse than to go with your friends, spouse, or children out to dinner or lunch and everyone be on their cell phone.  Really why go?  Does anyone know how rude this is?  Have you sat across someone that has been on their phone while you were trying to talk to them?  Why can't we give the people right in front of us the undivided attention they deserve?  Before you know it that friend may decide she is sick of looking at the back of your cell phone.  Your spouse may not be here for you to say those words too.  Your children will be up and gone away to college and only visiting once a month.

Believe I am just as guilty of any of these things as anyone it was as if God blared it to me in that restraunt that day.  Brian will be the first to tell you my cell phone can block his vision to me a ton.  So I am preaching to me just as much as anyone else who reads this.

Why not make meal times cell free zones?  How about treating the people you are with respectfully be in the moment with them?   Put The CELL Down....it will not KILL YOU!!!!

Phillipians 2:4 "Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the intrests of others."

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