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Friday, January 25, 2013


I know it has been forever since I posted so I figured it was about time for a ramble.

Last week I was in Starbucks with some of my girlfriends and one of my friends was relating a story how she was out to lunch with some of her friends and one of her other friends walked in and she exclaimed "oh there is my friend pretty so and so".  I don't tell you this to because my friend did anything wrong I tell you this because of my reaction.  I immediately turned to my friend to the side of me and said "nobody will ever describle me as there is my pretty friend Tammy" and she laughed and said " I would defiinitely would say that about you.'  Later that night, I lay there thinking about the conversation because that is what I do....not because I am a weirdo, well maybe just a little.  No, I do a moral inventory each night so I know if I need to go an offer amends to someone I harmed during that day or if I need to repent to God, and I make a gratitude list so I can remain gratiful for all God has done for me, God brought me back to the 7th grade as I pondered that conversation.

You see I was not the always the social butterfly I am today, to say I was shy was a complete understatement.  I was extremely thin, tall and had no grace at all.  But I wanted to be a cheerleader so bad I could taste it.  Now, my best friend Dawn and I decided to try out together and she on the other hand was the typical blonde haired, blue-eyed, tanned, great body, extremely outgoing, charismatic and very popular.  We practiced together everyday together for weeks and weeks, I think today I can still do a hurkey (sp?).  I had those moves down to a "T" and I even managed to do the splits and with these long legs that is an accomplishment all in itself...lol.  It came to tryouts and I did the cheers to perfection and so did my friend Dawn.  I waited 2 grueling days for them to post the results to see if I was "chosen" and to my crushed spirit I was not, but of course my "pretty" friend Dawn was "chosen".  I was devastated!!!  I remember crying for it seemed liked hours that I would never be "pretty" enough, because I knew I did that cheer perfectly.  How crazy is that?  That a conversation in a Starbucks can bring you right back to a thing in your past?    Have you ever not been "choosen"?  Do you ever feel that your not pretty enough?  Not good enough? 

But God brought me to this verse 1 Peter 2:4  "As you come to Him, the Stone-rejected by men but Chosen by God and precious to Him."  and 1Peter 2;9  "But you are a Chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to god, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light." 

Then today as I opened my devotion God again talked to me about my negative self talk.  That I can continually assult myself with negative thoughts about myself because I can be my own worse enemy.  We have to choose not to let the enemy lie to us about Who we are in Christ!!!  I may not have been "chosen" for the cheer squad but I have been "chosen' by a Holy God that loves me right where I am at that I don't have to be perfect for, that I don't have to be pretty, or have all the right moves. 

So do you want to take the my action step with me today and write your mirror "I am Chosen by God"  with dry erase marker....and really believe it.

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