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Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Pink Hair

Today, I went to get my hair colored pink for my support of my sweet friend Kelley who is going to be without hair tomorrow from Chemotherapy. I want her to know that I know how important her hair is to her and that I would go pink in order to show her my support. I wanted to go bald...but Brian veto'd that idea. :-( I actually love my new pink hair...brian said today he feels like he is married to a punk rocker. Melissa just said "man that is kick A mom" I am assuming that means she likes it. Chris said "wow mom you look cool". My sister said "you are so crazy, but I love it". Kelley said "it totally rocks!!!" So, I guess it is a hit....I may keep it awhile...I kinda like looking cool. Thanks Rhonda for doing my hair for my birthday present....it was a great birthday present!!!

Tomorrow I leave for International Tres Dias....I wonder what all my friends will say? They will love it!!!

Now, go check your Ta..Tas for Kelley!!!

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Precious Moments said...

I NEED to see it!!!!!I bet it looks awesome. You are so great!!!