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Friday, May 7, 2010

My First Five Miles

I have always wanted to do this 3 day walk, but was too afraid too. It is one of those things I put on my bucket list. I thought I will never be able to walk that far, I will never be able to raise $2300, I will never have the time it takes to devote to training. But I always tell people "do it scared" well that is just what I am doing. I am doing it scared!!!

Today I started my training for the 3-day walk for a cure that is in November. I am excited to report that I walked my first 5 miles and I did it outside, which is huge for me since I have such bad allergies. Now, I did come home and had to take some benedryl....but I did it!!!

Brian laughed at me last night because I walked up the stairs and was out of breath, but I walked 5 miles today and was totally fine. I am excited where God is going to take me on this journey and also excited for the where he is going to take the team Ta-Ta Titans!!

I received my first donation today and that was exciting to see that number up there on my page. Thanks Kim!!!

I know that God is going to be holding my hand through this whole process and yes, there will be days where my shins will hurt, that my allergies will get the best of me, when I will just not feel like walking...but I also know that Gods grace is sufficient for me!!! I am going to do this...for Kelley, for all other women that have to fight this disease, for my two daughters that I hope they find a cure and never have to experience this disease, and for myself to see me reach a goal and scratch this off my bucket list.

You can click donate on my blog and it will take you to my donation page...no donation is too small. Inch by inch is a cinch!! I will get this done one step at a time with God and with the support of family, friends and my other team members!!

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