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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This month is going to be full of changes. I love change actually...but the rest of my family hates change, so I pray that it all goes smoothly. On Friday this week, we pack up and move Heather to Lubbock to go to Texas Tech for graduate school. She is going for Family and Marriage Counseling. I am so proud of her I can not express it in words. She is such a bright, studious and lovely woman!! As a mother I just look at her and she inspires me. Heather has never liked change very well, she has never been this far from home. She is excited and I am excited for her, but I am also sad that I won't hear her giggle around the house anymore. She has one of those giggles that comes from her toes up...it is one of my favorite sounds. She is going to be living in her own apartment and of course the mom in me is a little scared about all the things that can go wrong, but I also know God is Large and IN CHARGE. So I am just going to give that over to HIM. Mel is so going to miss her big sister too. They have a very strong bond and I can honestly say my kids just genuine love each other and love being around each other.

Now, next week our son Chris moves back in with us...so he is moving into Heather's old room. This should be so much fun. He is moving back in to pay off school loans and finish his externship at a dental office for he is now a dental assistant. I am so proud of him as well....Chris has dyslexia and ADD so, school has never been his strong suit, but he is doing amazingly well. Of course he doesn't do change either so there will be adjustments after he has lived on his own so long to come back home. But he did call me last week and said he is ready for it. He even said he would love to go to church with us and this set my heart ablaze!! I am so excited!!! So, Mel will not be alone she will have her big brother here.

I have to say I love God so much for all He has done for me and my family. You see my Heather and Chris moved out before Brian and I got healthy through Celebrate Recovery, The Road and Tres Dias. So, they only remember us being not so great parents, but now God has been orchrestrating them coming back home to see how a healthy, loving and caring home can be. I am so grateful for the second chance to show my kids how God has changed me and can change them. I love it!!! It overwhelms me, to think of God's grace He poured out on our family. Thank you God!!!

Mel had such a wonderful experience at Youth Camp last week, that the changes in her are totally incredible. She wants to go to church, she wants to go to youth and she loves God so very much. She even expressed to Heather how God's grace works...now this is a miracle to us. Sunday she sat with all the youth and Brian and I watched as she worshipped our Lord with hands raised and heart abandoned...it totally made our day. We both cried. We have even noticed there is a lot less anger in her and she is smiling and laughing all the time. I love it so much!!! God is so faithful!!! Honestly, her going to youth camp and having a great time is a prayer that God answered for us and we will grateful forever for it.

This month we start our Tres Dias meetings for the next Tres Dias in October...it is a ton of work, but so well worth it when we see the lives changed at the end of it. I love being part of this ministry and being able to be God's vessel for the women that go through that weekend experience. There are a lot of trips to Houston during the next 2 months so I pray for safety and for unity in the team and their families. Of course Satan would love nothing better than to cause division in both of these areas. I have a couple of friends going through this next Tres Dias and I am so excited for them to see the power and love of God for each of them!!!

I have started on the Community Group Leadership Team and TCAL and it is exciting to see the direction it will be going. I love community groups, I am passionate about them...I think every single person needs to be in one, lead one or host one. I have made friendships that will last my lifetime because of community groups. I can't imagine my life without those people in it. So, if you attend TCAL join a community group. If you feel led to lead a group....Do it scared...you don't have to be a bible scholar...just be open for God to use you. If you wish to host...do it...we have such a hard time finding host homes. Sign up to be part of the rescue to others by being available for community groups.

There of course are other changes coming up, but I will post that later since this is now a novel. LOL.

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